Investment Services

Team Overview

Perry Guest Companies is committed to serving investors and satisfying their unique requirements in acquiring and selling investment real estate. We deliver unrivaled market research, asset positioning, financial modeling, and access to buyers and properties in an integrated, rapid-fire process designed to help our clients make the most informed real estate decisions possible and generate the greatest value.

We leverage our industry-leading network of resources to enable all types of investors to maximize value and mitigate risk in the volatile market of real estate investing. We can do this because our offices have a dedicated team of investment sale professionals with relevant capital markets, property and market expertise. Core investment specialist team members include: Grant Guest; Jason T. Lesley, CCIM; Bridget Richards, CCIM; and Neal Morris.

Our investment specialists are recognized locally, regionally, and nationally. During the underwriting phase, this team will quantify its experience into an accurate assessment of property operations, leasing activity, future capital improvements, and cash flow projections.

Property positioning is a natural corollary during the underwriting process. We focus on developing a sale strategy that includes financial, physical, and market-based selling points for the property.

Since buyers rely on broker feedback and marketing materials to complete their internal analysis of a property, our comprehensive approach helps minimize retrades and maximize the final sales price. Our support to the client during every phase of the sale process strengthens confidence in the execution of any assignment.



Our core business is positioning properties for investment sales. We also add value by providing these key services:

  • Property analysis based on local market information and supportive underwriting assumptions geared to meet investment requirements.
  • Unrivaled access to the Perry Guest Companies qualified investor database, active in the assignments market (institutional, public and private investors at the national, regional, and local level).
  • Professional real estate marketing materials that draw upon a full range of creative design and graphic capabilities.
  • Reliable and experienced guidance and advisory through every phase of the disposition.

Selling commercial real estate is a discipline that merges market knowledge, sales experience, due diligence, transaction management, and the art of negotiation. Engage our team and you will draw on our experience and ability to reach decision makers who possess the capital and motivation to buy and sell your property.

Take a look at our detailed process and never-ending overlay of ancillary activities to augment our services and keep us at the front edge of the business. We don’t just collect information. We analyze and interpret information for you.

Buyer & Broker Database

No individual advisor or broker knows all potential investors, which is why our team employs a national database specialist who tracks investors, buyers, sellers, 1031 requirements, and institutional investors’ requirements and assignments. This real-time internet-based system, along with its proprietary technology platform, manages tens of thousands of investors and outside brokers, provides direct marketing, electronic information distribution, and activity tracking.

Client Focus

One of the greatest benefits our clients appreciate is our partnership approach to the business of real estate investments. We seek to understand their objectives and then craft a solid plan to help achieve their goals. As advisors, facilitators, and negotiators, we are their true strategic partners, always working to heighten the trust and respect of each individual client.

Access to Hidden Capital Market Investors

For our clients selling assets, we successfully ensure they achieve their investment objectives by positioning their assets to the broadest audience of targeted investors. The majority of our transactions involve investors in hidden capital markets, including wealthy individuals with intermittent buying patterns and/or 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange requirements.

Quality, Consistent Investment Packaging

We know how to best position and present your asset to maximize investor demand. Demonstrating the features of your property in a clear and effective manner, Perry Guest Companies sale packages reinforce the integrity and professionalism of our respected brand.

Marketing Process

To sell commercial real estate, it takes due diligence, organization, property and market knowledge, advisory skills, and enthusiasm. This is the job of a real estate advisor. Our clients rely on us to efficiently sell a property to the most qualified buyer for the highest achievable price. We have what it takes to deliver on this promise.