Business Background

Alex Cleveland currently serves as an Associate for Perry Guest Companies. Prior to joining our firm, Alex received vast experience and comprehensive understanding of development management, real estate leasing, marketing, and advertising for large scale development projects with the company Oaxaca Interests and the multi-family project of Sylvan Thirty.  Alex’s previous experience with large-scale projects will be a much needed asset for the Perry Guest Companies brand.

Area of Expertise

Throughout his education Alex had an interest in marketing, sales and building relationships. This all translated into his professional life working for Texas A&M as a student fundraiser in the Association of Former Students, for City Bank as a bank teller for many summers, and finally as a marketing consultant, in a country called Mauritius, for several entrepreneurs. Alex hopes to use all the skills and knowledge he has developed over the years to build a strong foundation with Perry Guest Co.

Personal Interests

Alex was born in Oak Cliff, Dallas. His interest in real estate was sparked by watching Oak Cliff grow into the chic destination known as the Bishop Arts District. Alex’s grandparents also played a role in his understanding of real estate investment. Over the years Alex watched as they grew their wealth through many investment opportunities with apartment buildings and storage units. Alex graduated from Texas A&M University where he established himself as a leader through his involvement in an international internship organization, and the rugby and sailing teams. Throughout college Alex grew in his excitement and drive to travel so that he can experience different places and cultures.

Education & Qualifications

  • Texas A&M University

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