Commercial Brokerage

Perry Guest Companies is composed of Five-Star advisors who strategically provide a complete spectrum of commercial real estate brokerage services for industry sectors such as multi-family, mobile home parks, office, health care, industrial, and retail. In addition to these service sectors, we provide our clients with an unmatched level of expertise in specialized industries and product types, such as occupier services (tenant, landlord, buyer, and seller representation), single-tenant net lease services, 1031 Exchange services, and sale-leaseback services.

While setting a new benchmark for real estate services in these sectors, we offer services to owners, investors, tenants, and buyers on a local, regional, and national basis. Each transaction we manage for them is guided by a strategic mindset as we provide our clients unequaled market knowledge.

Perry Guest Companies has a proven track record in committing our efforts to building valued relationships and delivering exceptional results for each and every one of our clients. We offer a solid and innovative approach in representing the interests of our clients, while executing services backed by proven strategies in real estate.

Office Services

In today’s ever-changing business world, there is a desperate need for experts who can get you to where you want to be. Perry Guest Companies office services advisors specialize in finding and delivering the exact office location you desire.

Whether you are investing in, developing, operating, occupying, leasing, purchasing, or selling office real estate, our platform accelerates success while providing clients with the highest level of real estate experience and independent transaction analysis. As a tenant or buyer, real estate is often the second costliest expenditure, therefore you must have the right company representing your interests at all times.

As a landlord or seller, you must have qualified advisors who can help you navigate local markets by using in-depth knowledge to identify opportunities, optimize real estate efficiencies, implement extensive detailed marketing, and provide debt and equity solutions that ensure the best possible outcome to achieve your goals and objectives.

To date, our team has leased or sold more than 178 Office Properties in 12 states, which is equal to a total sales volume greater than $253 million.


  • Business Objectives Analysis (BOA)
  • Tenant & Landlord Representation
  • Buyer & Seller Representation
  • Office Investment Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Debt/Equity Financing
  • Capital Markets
  • Property Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Building Repositioning
  • Facility Assessment
  • Zoning
  • Development Management
  • Local & State Economic Incentives
  • Financial Analysis & Consulting

Industrial & Logistics Services

Perry Guest Companies provides a seamless beginning-to-end industrial and logistical service solutions to our clients on a local and national level.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing, we offer a strong client-focused consulting service while supplying significant experience in handling complex manufacturing and logistics problems within our client’s overall strategy. We develop and own industrial properties, which provides us additional insight into the the challenges that come with this product type.

Our client’s success also depends on providing a high level support designed to create an understanding of complicated industrial real estate options and ability to provide solutions that address specific challenges to execute their business strategies. We seize a competitive advantage for our clients by analyzing potential risks, timing of real estate cycles, market drivers, new construction deliveries, absorption levels, and occupancy/vacancy ratios when implementing our client’s real estate strategies.

Our industrial services real estate advisors deliver unsurpassed experience and accelerate success through buying, selling, leasing, subleasing, financing, managing, relocations, restructures, renewals, development, and equity partnerships. Perry Guest Companies provides a full scope of industrial and logistical services, including:

  • Business Objectives Analysis (BOA)
  • Tenant & Landlord Representation
  • Buyer & Seller Representation
  • Industrial Investments
  • Debt/Equity Financing
  • Industrial Capital Markets
  • Property Management
  • Drive Time Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Building Repositioning
  • Facility Assessment
  • Logistics Evaluation
  • Zoning
  • Project Management
  • Development Management
  • Local & State Economic Incentives
  • Financial Analysis & Consulting

Retail Services

Perry Guest Companies retail services fulfill the challenges and assignments presented by retail properties, landlords, and retailers. With our professionals executing assignments all over the country, our retail advisors have become experts in both urban and suburban real estate. They are also experts in representing all types of retail centers such as stand-alone, community and neighborhood centers, power centers, malls, and casino shopping centers.

Representing retailers and property owners, buyers and sellers, we offer a full range of integrated retail real estate services, including retailer site acquisition; disposition; investment sales; leasing, finance; asset management; and mall, urban and suburban expertise. We also meet a full range of retail needs, ranging from site location to financing solutions.

Since tomorrow’s retail outlook will depend on forward-thinking data for changing consumer habits, we take the time to know our markets with detailed data such as shopping patterns, competitive landscape, growth zones, segmentation, and demographics. All of this data is ultra-important in shaping a successful retail strategy and executing a plan of action that accelerates success.

Occupier Services

Whether you are a buyer, seller, tenant, or landlord, Perry Guest Companies occupier services is a promoter and partner in navigating challenging issues related to occupancy requirements. Our client’s success depends on providing high level support designed to create an understanding of complex commercial real estate options and the ability to provide solutions that address specific challenges to execute business strategies.

Real estate is often the second costliest investmet in most business ventures; therefore, you must have the right company representing your interest at all times.

Through creative problem solving, transaction structuring, and applying sharp analytical capabilities, Perry Guest Companies will meet occupancy needs of office, industrial, retail and specialized properties in markets around the United States. Whether the assignment is an expansion, consolidation, relocation, lease, sublease, build-to-suit, acquisition, or disposition, Perry Guest Companies provides a full scope of occupier services, including:

  • Business Objectives Analysis (BOA)
  • Market Analysis
  • Lease vs. Buy Analysis
  • Comparative Property Analysis
  • Property Financial Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • City/State Incentives & Tax Structure
  • Management & Building Engineering Analysis
  • Lease & Purchase Structure
  • Operating Cost Audits
  • Space Expansion/Consolidation/Relocation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Architectural Space Planning
  • Alternative Options

Healthcare Services

Perry Guest Companies possesses deep knowledge and experience in the health care real estate sector. We understand the intricacies of this specialized sector and help our clients meet their goals.

We manage each transaction from start to finish, executing our client’s goals. The belief that every phase of a transaction has predominant importance is the bedrock of our service. This is evident through our long-erm relationships within the health care community.

We take pride in our ability to make a significant impact on every transaction by lending our local market knowledge, identification of opportunities, optimization of real estate efficiencies, identification of profitable health care business factors, analysis of real-time regulation penetration, implementation of extensive marketing efforts, and provision of debt and equity solutions that ensure the best possible outcome. We do all this while achieving our client’s goals and meeting their needs for each assignment. Whether you are investing in, developing, operating, occupying, leasing, purchasing, or selling health care real estate, our platform will accelerate your success. At the same time, we provide our clients with the highest level of experience that includes independent transaction analysis for physicians and physician groups in various health care facilities, including: dialysis clinics/offices, ambulatory surgery centers, assisted living facilities, veterinary practices, clinical laboratories, emergency care, urgent care, pharmaceutical services, cancer treatment facilities, stand-alone single-tenant properties, assisted living facilities, multi-tenant MOB, and on-and-off campus properties.

Our progressive solutions to the volatile health care industry, cost-effective delivery, and in-depth knowledge of the specialized requirements for these types of transactions help form the foundation of our health care real estate services.

To date, our team has sold or leased more than 104 health care properties in 18 states, which translates into a total sales volume greater than $675 million.


  • Strategic Real Estate Option Analysis
  • Lease Audit
  • Merger Analysis
  • MOB Investment Sales
  • MOB Acquisition & Disposition
  • MOB Condominium Conversion Services
  • Owner-User & Occupier Services
  • Landlord & Tenant Representation
  • Buyer & Seller Representation
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Medical Business Analysis & Pricing
  • Professional Office Conversion to Medical Office
  • Hospitals, Emergency Rooms & Urgent Care
  • Cancer Care Facilities
  • Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Broker Opinion of Pricing
  • Demographic & Market Analysis
  • Medical Build-to-Suit Development
  • Single-Tenant Stand-Alone Healthcare Services
  • Dialysis Clinics & Offices
  • Surgery Center Leasing & Sales

Single-Tenant Net Lease Services

Perry Guest Companies provides a full range of nationwide brokerage, advisory, and financing services to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes high net worth individuals, developers, public and private REITs, partnerships and institutional investment funds.

Demand for single-tenant net leased retail properties is at an all-time high, making competition for these properties intense. Investors in these properties value the passive income stream and the tendency of these properties to maintain their value in shifting markets. Perry Guest Companies provides strategic services to the firm’s clients on a national basis.

Perry Guest Companies’ long-standing and proven relationships allow access to a deep database of investment opportunities that are not publicly marketed as completing single-tenant net lease asset dispositions. This is ideal for owners who require a platform with sound institutional and private capital relationships, need a focus that maximizes value, provides unique value-added advice, and delivers solutions to the numerous issues encountered during a single-tenant net lease transaction. This includes: net lease disposition and acquisition, valuation analysis, sale-leaseback, JV equity sourcing for developers, financial modeling, investment strategy, demographics, sale and lease comparable analysis, 1031 Exchange, and 1033 Exchange.


Results speak for themselves as Perry Guest Companies have closed over $500,000,000 in Single-Tenant Net Leased properties.

Sale-Leaseback Services

A sale-leaseback transaction occurs when an end user owns a property, leases the property back to an Investor at agreed-upon lease terms, and sells the property back to the investor with the lease and business being the main factors for exit pricing. Sale-leaseback transactions accommodate both end users and investors alike. The reasons for considering a sale-leaseback are highly attractive. However, completion can be complicated due to numerous factors.

Perry Guest Companies understands each client’s unique goal. Then we decide how to best help them reach that goal by analyzing current market data while producing and simplifying viable exit strategies, maximizing property value, unlocking capital and financing solutions, reducing occupancy costs, securing tenancy, producing steady returns, and lowering risk.

Sale-leaseback scenarios are highly effective tools for the end user’s reallocation of capital, which can be put into the business, securing maximum value and occupancy rights from a long-term lease. Property pricing is usually at a premium due to the long-term lease and end user’s financials. Rental payments from leases are 100 percent tax deductible versus the interest-only portion of a mortgage. Additionally, sale-leasebacks are an alternative financing option for non-investment grade companies that currently have lender issues.

As an end user, there are many risks to consider. Your company will come under increased and high level examination during due diligence, the gains realized from the sale will likely inflate the income statement and balance sheet, and a shift in strategy could make it essential to hold the asset without a favorable long-term lease.

As fellow investors in this product, the steady and safe return of a sale-leaseback transaction can be attractive. Due to a fresh lease being in place upon the transaction close date, there is less risk of tenant default. The transaction will likely be a cushion against inflation depending on the lease term and escalations. The investor (new owner) will have the opportunity to capture any appreciation in the real estate.

A sale-leaseback transaction also has lower management costs and risks as operating expenses and vacancies are non-existent due to long-term tenants and 100 percent occupancy.  As a result, premium pricing on such assets is more easily justified.

1031 Exchange Services

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code is strict and allows a seller of real estate to exchange property and defer paying federal and state capital gain taxes (15 to 20 percent, including state taxes) if they exchange and purchase a like-kind property following the rules of the Internal Revenue Code, Section 1031.

Specifcially, the code states: no gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment if such property is exchanged solely for property of like kind which is to be held either for productive use in a trade or business or for investment.

Like-kind property can include any of the following (provided it is not a primary residence, held for investment, and located within the United States): Single family rental, condominium, multi-family, commercial, and potentially raw land.

For example, a multi-family investment can be exchanged for raw land, other apartments, or a commercial building. This allows investors to use all of the proceeds from their sale to leverage other profitable real estate options while facilitating significant portfolio growth and increased return on investment.

The like-kind property must close within 180 calendar days following the sale of their past property. Perry Guest Companies provides customers with a unique advantage — experience that enables us to identify your best options based on your business plan from the start of the sales process. We then facilitate a successful close on your like-kind property within the time period allotted. With our national reach and extensive off-market inventory, Perry Guest Companies is uniquely suited to execute your exchange.